School Safety

CPR/AED and Basic First Aid

Stop the Bleed

School Safety is a must in today's day and age. Police and EMS response times are increasing. CPR/AED and Basic First Aid combined Stop the Bleed by be the most effective lifesaving treatment available. Any or all of these techniques applied in the first few minutes of a traumatic event have proven to save lives. Be part of the solution...

Hi, I’m Scott,

As a first responder, I have seen the heroic actions of everyday citizens many times. In every case these heroes are applying some sort of Aid in the critical first few minutes of the event. Our goal is the give you, the real "First Responders" the most effective skills necessary to save a life. These three Advanced Life Saving Classes give you the ability to change the outcome of an event before we as "Second Responders" even get there...

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